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Other programs are being planned, and can be organized and scheduled to meet specific interests and needs.


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One of the most effective and enjoyable ways to learn more about the Bible and the Christian faith in general is by actually visiting the Land of the Bible.  And so an important part of the vision of the Christian Leadership Center is the provision of these study tours.   They are not simply trips to Israel, or Egypt, or Jordan, but seminars on the historic Christian faith in the places where the biblical events occurred.

Photographic Report of In the Paths of God: Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Israel.

Here is a brief report of our most recent trip, a journey through Turkey, Syria and Jordan this past May.  This extended tour will be offered again in a couple of years. For a detailed description of the program and itinerary, please see IN THE PATHS OF GOD, a unique program of Biblical and Spiritual study in the lands of the Bible.