Christian Leadership Center



Allen P. Ross, ThD, PhD


Allen has been around ministers and ministries all of his life.  He grew up in Canada where his father and his uncles were all ministers.  When the family moved to Southern California he became active in the youth groups in the Church; and it was during that time that he began to sense a call to  ministry.  That call was confirmed as he went on to study  Theology, Bible, and Greek in university and seminary studies. Through his seminary studies in Dallas, Texas, he earned both the Master of Theology and Doctor of Theology degrees in Old Testament.  When he began the doctoral program he was invited to teach Hebrew and Old Testament.  That was the beginning of a Seminary teaching career that continued for 30 years.

In 1976, after finishing the Doctor of Theology degree, Allen and his wife Jan took a study leave and went to the University of Cambridge in England.  Over the next few years he completed a second doctorate, a PhD from Cambridge in Hebrew in the faculty of Divinity, and Jan completed a BA as well as a PhD in English from Cambridge.  It was during this time that they became Anglicans by conviction through their studies and in their worship. In 1990 Allen joined the faculty of Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry in Ambridge, Pennsylvania, where he was Professor of Biblical Studies.  His special interest was training people called to the ministry so that they would be able to develop and deliver biblical expository sermons and lessons.

And now God has opened up a new area of ministry in Tallahassee, Florida, the Christian Leadership Center.  The vision for this ministry is one of ministering to those who minister Godís Word, by providing resources, assistance, and encouragement for the faithful exposition of Holy Scripture.   This will be a center for biblical research and renewal.  Its resources and facilities will assist local pastors and teachers in their continuing study of Godís Word; and eventually it will provide a place for individual spiritual retreats for Christian leaders--pastors, teachers, missionaries, laity.  In the meantime, the center will serve as the resource for many writing projects.

Over the years Allen has been involved in a variety of ministries including frequently preaching in churches, serving in pastoral interims, participating in foreign mission visits, leading Bible conferences, clergy conferences, and Christian education programs; and conducting Bible study programs in Israel and other countries of the Middle East.  He has taught in four very different seminaries, and been involved in a number of different churches and denominations, Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, and Episcopal, high church, low church, free church, independent church, traditional, and modern.  This has enabled him to work easily with the different groups, and with different types of seminary students going into their various ministries. 

These programs in Israel have provided people with a great opportunity to develop their spiritual lives because they include solid Bible teaching, directed worship and reflection, and participation in established Christian works among Arabs and Jews.  These are frequently longer trips geared to the study of the Bible and the development of the spiritual life, even available for credit for students.  For this (and other trips to the Middle East) Allen has written a study guide book, In the Paths of God, which will be available at the end of the year 2001.

Allenís top priority has always been the interpretation and exposition of Scripture, whether in writing, preaching, or teaching others how to study the Bible as well.  He has written a number of things including commentaries on Genesis, Proverbs, Leviticus and Psalms, as well as a Hebrew grammar.  He has worked on several Bible translations including the New King James, the Net Bible, and most recently the Revised Living Bible (due out in 2002).  Writing projects to be finished in 2001 include a book on the biblical patterns of worship, entitled Recalling the Hope of Glory, a book on the basic requirements of spiritual leadership, entitled, Full of Grace and Truth, Developing Spiritual Leadership in a Religious World, and a shorter book on the way people function in families, using samples of families in the Bible, called Family Portraits.   A full commentary on the Book of Psalms will be the next major project to be completed.

In all his work Allen's main focus is the interpretation of Scripture.  He believes that today more than ever what the Church needs is the clear exposition of the Word of God empowered by the Spirit of God, and that it should not be unduly influenced by the many modern skeptical approaches to the Scriptures.  He believes that the churches have drifted away from the careful and complete preaching and teaching of Godís Word, with the result that too many Christians do not know very much biblical content or theological truth. And the great issues facing the Church in the world today require that Christians be trained in Scripture.  It is God's Word that changes lives; it is God's Word that will bring lasting revival to the Church; and it is Godís Word that offers the only true hope for people in this troubled world.  And so his classes, wherever they are taught, are designed to train people in the study of the Scriptures, so that they will be changed, and so that they then will be able to expound the Word of God in turn to others.  Moreover, his ministry visits in churches around the country also give expression to this conviction, whether those visits are for ordinary Sunday services or more extended Bible conferences.